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Appointment Management Automation
MyAppointmentsPro.com's appointment management application enables you to track and manage the activities of each of your massage therapists.  MAP also serves as a communications tool between you and your clients to make it easy for them to keep coming back to you!
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Appointment Management is the hardest form of management there is.  Every client is an indivIdualized opportunity and must be dealt with on a indivIdualized basis.  It is vital to keep track of each client's needs and wishes in order to personalize the appointment for them. 

MyAppointmentsPro.com stands alone in giving managers and therapists the tools that they need on a real time basis to schedule their appointments.  Wether you are a student in school, or a licensed professional working in the field, this tool can be utilized to help you keep track of all your clients and appointments from any computer with a valid internet connection.


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